Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Narita Airport to Tokyo

TIP How to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo Downtown

Since Narita Airport is not a city airport it is quite useful to know how to get to Tokyo downtown without spending your complete budget for a cab. Actually it is pretty simple and convenient, you just need to make sure to do the right steps.

One of our biggest concernes before travelling to tokio was to ruin the cheap flight fare with an overprices rate for getting from Narita Airport to downtown Tokio. Our fear turned out to be causeless. There are different offers to get from the airport to various locations inside Tokyo. We decided for the Keisei Skyliner which connects the airport's underground station with Nippori Station (36 minutes) or Ueno (41 minutes). Both stations are located in the North-East of Tokyo. There you can step over to the JR Line (JR Yamanote) which is a circular line passing all important stations inside the city area (e.g. Shinjuku, Shibuja, Tokyo Central Station).

First departure of Kesei Skyliner (Way Narita -> Nippori / Ueno) is around 8:00 AM and last departure around 11:00 PM.

First departure of Kesei Skyliner (Way Nippori / Ueno -> Narita) is around 6:00 AM and last departure around 06:00 PM.

For detailed times please check the official Skyliner Timetable
Skyliner Packages (1)
Obtaining the ticket is very easy since they accept foregin credit cards at the service counter. The personnel speaks english and is very kind and helpful. Check out for the Special Packages to save some money on the public transport inside Tokyo.

2 Day Ticket for Metro

 Return Ticket
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